Wednesday, May 31, 2017

Cannes 2017 Winners

The Cannes Film Festival awarded its coveted Palme d’Or award to Ruben Ostlund’s Swedish comedy The Square on Sunday, while Sofia Coppola became only the second woman to win the best director award. Coppola won best director for The Beguiled, her remake of Don Siegel’s 1971 Civil War drama about a Union soldier hiding out in a Southern girls’ school. Hailed as Coppola’s most feminist work yet, the remade thriller told from a more female point of view stars Nicole Kidman and Kirsten Dunst, with Colin Farrell playing the wounded soldier.

Diane Kruger was named best actress and Joaquin Phoenix best actor as the festival celebrated its 70th anniversary. Kruger was honoured for her performance in Fatih Akin’s In the Fade. She played a German woman whose son and Turkish husband are killed in a bomb attack. Phoenix was recognized for his role in Lynne Ramsay’s thriller You Were Never Really Here, in which he played a tormented war veteran trying to save a teenage girl from a sex trafficking ring

Sunday, April 30, 2017

Guardians of The Galaxy Vol. 2 (2017)

So, here another review since it's long weekend and I am sick as hell. Most recent movie I watched, Guardians of The Galaxy Vol 2. Like with any movie that is associated with Marvel Studios, comes its inherited "hype" and "excitement" with this film being no different. Director James Gunn has really made a name for himself directing the previous Guardians of the Galaxy and a confirmed sequel to this year's second iteration. His cinematic career does not have a large array of successful movies by his name but the Guardians of the Galaxy movies are amazing.

The tone and humor which got so many people hooked on the original, is preserved for its sequel. All of the Guardians have their distinct personalities and fitting sense of humor but are given a lot more character development in Volume 2. The characters Gunn chose to reintroduce, are interesting due to compelling backstories and some creative, touching and funny character moments. Watching action scenes featuring characters you love and care about, adds so much drama and weight to the action and makes the movie all the more enjoyable. The action itself is creative, fun and often times hilariously over the top.

John Wick : Chapter 2 (2017)

Back then I like the first of this movie, when I heard there would a sequel. I am really excited. Okay to begin with this movie is bloody, gore, violent and absolute treat for the action loving cinema-goers(tbh I am not but I just like this movie even tho when te violent scene played I just closed my eyes). The story was pretty good, filled with adrenaline pumped action sequences but most of the moves are repeating and was tiring for me. But couple of action scenes were top notch and you can see the brilliance of action choreo turned director Chad Stahelski. The background score added the toppings. The dialogues were good. The camera-work was exceptional and convincing.

The action scenes are the heart of the movie. The first John Wick was a perfect example of how to do action scenes right. Chapter 2 is exactly like the first. It's perfectly filmed with long takes that are really well made. The subway scene is outstanding. That whole scene is so well done. The humor is just an added bonus to what is John Wick's strongest feature, the action. All the reviews are in agreement that Wick is back with more action than ever imagined, as this one-man army unleashes a storm of well-placed bullets, knife slashing (and sometimes pencil) stand offs.

Beauty and The Beast (2017)

So basically I got very curious with people around me talking about this so I wanna join te hype by watching this. Granted, the movie is visually stunning. The costumes in this movie are gorgeous save for that godawful prom dress Watson wears during the ball room scene. The scenery is also very lovely to look at and the CGI is decent. The only issue I had with the CGI was Mrs. Potts. She was not charming, she was creepy. Why couldn't they make her look decent? Everything else was fine save for her.

I love Emma Watson but she was a complete miscast. She has this very serious looks and I imagine Belle should be this this quirky and lively small town girl. As predicted, her voice has been largely manipulated in post. And considering that Walt Disney himself made such a big deal out of the musical production in all of his movies.

Kong : Skull Island (2017)

Kong: Skull Island is an awesome monster film that fits right in there in the whole MonsterVerse that the movie studio is trying to build up on. Like the 2014 Godzilla film was trying to do. Kong: Skull Island is more into the whole big fun blockbuster style type of film compared to 2005's Peter Jackson's King Kong that paid homage to the original and had development with characters and story. Even Kong in the 2005 film had more of a personality and emotions than this film.

Kong: Skull Island follows a team of scientists & soldiers who, just before the end of Vietnam War, secure the U.S. government funding for the expedition of an uncharted island in the South Pacific but when they reach there, they encounter a 100-foot tall bipedal ape who destroys their choppers and leaves them dispersed & stranded in the unmapped territory, thus turning the survey job into a survival race.

LOGAN (2017)

So, I haven't updated my blog lately. Real life has been crazy lately,I am  still trying to survive tho. I am going to do a review from some movies I still remember.watched movie here and there but not in a mood to review it. So here I am going to start with Logan.

Can I say this movie is amazing? and can't be beaten easily. The movie revolves an around old, and frustrated Logan (who is a limousine driver). He, along with Charles Xavier (superbly played by Patrick Stewart) are waiting to finish off their lives in peace. It's 2029 and in this new world, where mutants have been exterminated and there are few of them left hiding, Logan is a man adrift in a world that no longer needs him. Caring for his former mentor who he has to control for his own good, he is a man without a true purpose and who is hurrying towards death.

Monday, February 27, 2017

2017 Academy Award Winners

In an epic flub that drew gasps of horror — and joy — at the Dolby Theater here, Faye Dunaway mistakenly named “La La Land” best picture at the 89th Academy Awards on Sunday night, but in reality “Moonlight” won the top prize.

The producers of “La La Land” were still thanking their families and fellow artists when the interjection came that “Moonlight” had in fact won, as everyone wondered if that was a joke. But it wasn’t, and the “La La Land” people quickly exited the stage as producers and stars of “Moonlight,” just as stunned as everyone else, walked on.